This article will see how can you be more productive at work, in various situations. These methods will help you to reduce stress, work pressure and work more efficiently.

Choose your productive time

Not all times of the day are favourable for crucial tasks. The times at which you choose to perform the task is very important and it will make a big impact on productivity.

At first, list out all the tasks which you want to perform then classify the task according to the difficulties and convenience. This will help you a lot in saving time and clarity of the work.

Some people are very active for the first three to four hours after waking up. It is that time of the day that your body releases the most of the brainpower to help you to solve problems and generate creative ideas and you can utilize this time for tasks like brainstorming, struggling, coding and writing.

The afternoons are generally tiring and you could use that time for less important tasks. Timing your task wisely can help you to increase your productivity.

Learn to work and Read faster

Learning to speed read it will save you Hundreds of parts of time over the years. Some skills you learn will give you back type find these skills. Initially, you might have to invest some time to learn the skills but you will save a lot of time once you learn them

Learning your keyboard shortcuts will save a lot of time. Recognizing the apps on your laptop or phone based on your usage could help you to save a lot of time on your regular tasks. You can find out your passionate skill and work on that skill which helps in your work and for life.

The apps like Canva to create thumbnails and posters, Scheduler which connects all devices and provides you with the alert to complete your work and so on.

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Break up the big task

It’s very important to know the complexity of the work and how to solve them. The time-consuming task may be difficult to start, which is why it is probably pushed around a lot.

You know it will take a lot of time, yet you keep pushing it till the deadline and freak out when the deadline arrives. It’s a natural tendency to procrastinate on big projects.

Our brain will be stressed out for the bigger task and work, so when you divide the difficult work into small then it will reduce the stress over your brain. You can simplify the big project by breaking them into smaller ones and a simple task to keep each task to 20 minutes on less than that. Your brain is less stressed now and you will be more productive.

Take a pic to take a break you are able to focus better and have more energy for a longer period of time when you take a break in between your task each individual has a different concentration-time span can you schedule in such a way that you are able to give your all when you are working

What you do during your cakes is really important for your productivity levels you’ll be tempted to get on social media or watch YouTube videos the best idea is to have a great list it has short pleasurable activities to give yourself breaks throughout the day to avoid burnout and get motivated to do more you could call a friend take a walking self to educate or take a new hobby todid your name during your break

Find your one thing

Productivity is about focus and the key to focus is having just one thing what’s that one thing you are fascinated about what is the one most important task in your To-Do List what’s that one thing you need to have a big impact on your goals.

Once you identify your one thing write it down you are more likely to achieve your goal once you write them down if you are confident in that one thing then go ahead and share with your loved ones, friends, family and friends to be accountable you will now feel pumped up to perform better.


I hope these methods and tips will be helpful for you. Do you have your personal method to share ? Please submit your opinion in the comment section below.

Thank you.


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