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How to do paper trading free online using the front page?


This article will see how you can do paper trading free online using the front page app or website.


Paper trading is the most useful feature if you are a newbie in the trading platform. You can’t trade or invest with a large amount in the inial days of your trading career. You need a website or tool where you can practise with virtual money then once you get confidence then you will deploy your capital in the market.

This is the best way you can practice and is easy to learn in paper trade without worrying much about losses you make.

You can do the paper trading using streak as well but it will be a subscription-based website where you have to pay some money to get premium features. I have made multiple videos about streak on my youtube channel. Have a look! MyWebgraffiti

Here is the free tool available where you need to log in using your Gmail and using your mobile phone no.

Visit the website https://front.page/ then enter your mobile number. You will receive an OTP to your entered mobile number. Enter the same on the website.

Enter the basic details then click on proceed.

Home page of the front page

On the left side of the website, you will be having your watchlist which contains your favourite stocks. You can add or remove the stocks according to your need. The live market data will be available on the website.

On the top left corner, you can see the post which is uploaded by the people whom you are following to. The front page is a great platform to connect with fellow stock traders or investors where they can share their idea. Few good traders will be having their subscription fees for the content they provide. If you are interested you can purchase their subscription as well.

Be aware of whom you follow and don’t take any idea or trade blindly without doing analysis or research.

The front page is having an android and ISO app as well.

On the home page, click on post. You will get the model where you have to click on the paper trade tab

In the Paper Trade section, at first, you have to add the stock name, on the right side you will get the recent price of the stock. Next select buy or sell according to your analysis. Select the quantity and entry price which works like a limit order.

In front-page Entry price is optional, if you don’t mention the same then it will take the market and execute the trade. You can select the time frame as well.

Stoploss and target profit is mandatory fields so determine the same. In the Add Information, you can comment your thoughts on why you have taken this trade.

Next click on post. It will execute the paper trade.

Make a note that the Funds available for paper trade is 10,00,000 Rs. You can use this for your paper trade.

Review your trade

Once the trade gets executed you can change the stop loss and target by clicking on update and change the values. You can also share your analysis on other social media like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and many more.

You can check your active position in your profile and data will be updated live based on the market. Also, you can’t use these features during off-market hours.

The paper trading features are absolutely free and you can feel the real money growing in your portfolio.


In this article, we have seen how you can do paper trading free online using the front page app or website. Please use this free feature and learn as much as you can. In the coming days, it can be made as a premium feature as well.

If you have any concerns or want to share your ideas please submit them to us in the comment section.

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Thank you for your time.

Happy Investing.



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