Hello everyone, I am Mahesh and I am working in one of the IT companies which are also listed in NSE and BSE. I started working in an IT company for the past 1.5 years and also working as a full-time employee.

9 to 5 Job is a Myth

There is no timing if you are doing work from home. Usually, the stand-up meeting will start at 9 AM in the morning. In the day you will go through many calls or meet to clear doubts and discuss bugs and requirements and a lot of other things.

Initially, I find it more hectic and as time goes I could able to manage my work.

Swing Trading

I was so fascinated by the stock market or the concept of trading and investment. Initially, when I found out the way for the stock market, I started to watch a movie related to it.

I could suggest you watch SCAM 1992, Gafla and bazaar. All these movies are from Bollywood. I just loved it. By taking inspiration from these solid movies I started my trading journey and I was losing consistently. Whenever I lose it will be a big amount and gaining will be less.

I have understood that it’s not that easy to make a lot of money in the stock market. You need skill and knowledge. I can say the best knowledge is available on Youtube itself but you need to follow only a person to learn.

Slowly and steadily at weekend, I used to study price action and chart analysis. Among these, I started to focus on psychology and risk management.


I mean, the first year I lost some money and gained a minimum but I have one fixed salary which will come to every month end. I saved a lot of money because it is work from home.

There is nothing much to spend on yourself. If you started with the stock market then you have to save a lot of money to earn more or to experiment with your strategies.

Now I have a capital of 1 lakh and now proper strategies are available for Swing Trade.

Weekend Chart Analysis

I do keep the whole Saturday or second half of the day for chart analysis I do pick the stock which is Out Performing Nifty and Sector from a couple of weeks. I work on limited stocks.

You can apply your own strategies for the same. The entry-level will be a breakout or any good support zone. Keep the strict Stop loss level and Target profit.

How to do Swing Trading while working 9 to 5 IT Job

GTT Order

GTT order - How to do Swing Trading while working 9 to 5 IT Job

Once the analysis is done. I will make a basket of orders which contain the stocks and their entry price. I will execute the basket between 9:30 to 10:00 AM. Some stocks will get a trigger and a few will be on waiting for the price to come to a limit order. I don’t place a market order.

Always predefined or set the GTT order for Stop loss and Target profit. I am using Zerodha Demat account. I also submitted the POA form. You can refer to this video for the POA form submission process.


Swing Trade is great to make a good profit and consistent profit. You won’t be emotionally attached to the market the whole day. Initially, you will check your portfolio multiple times a day but as time goes you will get used to it.

Evaluate the performance on monthly basis then go on a Quarterly basis. Personally swing trade helped me a lot to generate good returns and manage my other expenses. I hope this article was helpful for you.

Thank You for your time. Happy Trading!


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