How to earn money from Instagram using Fiverr

In this article, we will see explain how to earn money from Instagram using One of the most used freelancing platforms.

How often do you use Instagram? What is your growth rate on Instagram?

Do you want to unfollow people you don’t follow back !!!

Let me know in the comment section.


In this article, I will share my GIG and method to earn money from the Fiverr website just by unfollowing the people from Instagram.

Sounds cool right !!!

Let me begin with my earning experience, before a few days I published a GIG in saying that I will unfollow people who didn’t follow them back. Sounds easy but people don’t have time to do all these kinds of work.

I got a couple of orders from Fiverr to unfollow people. The process is too simple but you need to know how to do that.

How can you start?

First, create your account by providing the necessary details. Once you are ready with the account. Then join the Fiverr seller account and create your GIG.

Some Tips and Suggestions to create a GIG.

  • You can provide the title as “I will unfollow the people who don’t follow you back”, “I will unfollow people from Instagram” etc.
  • Choose the category as Digital Marketing and subcategory as Social Media Marketing.
  • You can choose Instagram as a platform to work with.
  • On the same page, you have to provide 5 Keywords that will help you to rank the GIG. I have done good research on it.

Pricing and Packages

As you know in Fiverr you can have 3 types of plans like Basic, Economic, and Business or advance plans. So keep some good name for the plans which will help the client to understand the GIG.

Keep a Simple Description for the individual plan like for the basic plan, the description goes as follows: Unfollow 300 people who don’t follow you back.

Providing the other necessary information like Delivery day, time and managing the account. You can deliver it within one or two days and also provide full-time engagement. Provide extra fast delivery with a convenience fee.

If you are a beginner then I do suggest that start with $5 itself and as time goes you can increase the price. Make use of most of the features available on the Fiverr website.

Gig Description

This is one of the most important parts. In the Description, you will provide all the information about the GIG and its features, what they will get from you, how this process goes, and everything.

Make sure to highlight the important points using the Marker, making the contact bold or italic. Make high use of bullet points or numbering etc. Keep it clear and avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Maximum 1200 words letters can be provided so personally I almost use 1000 letters. I will explain to them everything about my gig and, about myself, then what this gig is all about, how we will work together, and a lot more.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will provide a couple of Questions and a suitable answer as well. The Questions will always be related to your gig and related answers. Clear all the doubts from the client before proceeding to the order.

How can you identify the questions?

This is quite simple when you launch your GIG usually people will chat with you. As a new client, they will ask you some questions. Now the similar Questions you can add in the FAQ section with an answer. So when the next client comes he will always read FAQ then proceed with the further section.


In this section, you will provide the basic requirement for the work or orders. In this case, you have to ask for the Instagram Username and password.

Note: Please keep the Username and password safe. Never share the client’s personal data or information with your friend or any others.


In the gallery section, you will be having 3 types of file uploads like photos, videos and PDFs. It is always better if you use these features.

Image Section

First I will go to the image section. You will have the option to upload 3 photos so upload relevant photos.

Gig Photo 1: This is the primary image where the client will see it first. So make an attractive image using some vector with a nice background colour. Don’t put too much stuff like multiple images or text.
If you don’t know how to edit the photo then you can use the free tool called You can get some good brochers and posters here.

Gig Photo 2 and 3: I always prefer this for the work feedback photo which I have done before. Like I made a photo with the before Instagram followers count and after count so whenever the client checks photos it feels genuine and they will trust you.
Provide the original work of yours, don’t download from other gigs and reupload.

Video Section

You can upload some animated video in this so it will give visual information about the Gig to the user. You can make an easy animation kind of video from VideoScribe. This is easy to use and gives you many options to edit the video as well.

PDF Section

This won’t be used most of the time. But if your service is like analysis or webdevelopment then you have to provide some more details about the work or kind of user Manual. So PDF will be containing all the information regarding this.

Share your GIG on social Media

Always share your GIG on Social Media like Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp and you will get a sharable link as well. It will always help you to get more impressions and click. Automatically, your profile and gig will grow.

How much can anyone earn from this?

You can really earn well from this gig, and you need to spend an hour a day to finish this work. Provide good service and professionally communicate with the client.

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Important Note

There is a limit to follow and unfollow the people on Instagram so per day you can’t unfollow more than 600 people. so take many days’ time to unfollow in bulk like 2000+ people.

Always note that don’t spam the client Instagram account. So Instagram will automatically block the service or features for a few days.

Don’t use the client account for personal use or comment on other pics or reply to their personal message.

Final Words

In conclusion, this is one of the best GIG which I am working on currently. Earned more than 4000+ Rs till now within a few days. It may take time when you first create the gig but keep on trying. Always be online and raise the impression as well.

Start creating the gig as soon as possible and start earning. All the best.

Thank you.


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