How to enable Contactless Axis Bank Credit card? MY ZONE Credit Card


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The article will see, how to enable Contactless Axis Bank Credit cards.


I have received a free complimentary credit card from Axis Bank. I am using MY ZONE Credit Card. The credit limit is 19000 Rs.

What is a contactless payment system?

Ever you enable this feature on your credit card, there is no PIN required for you to make payment up to 5000 Rs. You need to Tap the card once the amount is entered into the machine.

It is very safe in this corona era where you no need to hand it over to the person at the counter. You need to tap it to the machine. It will save a lot of time. Just like you no need to enter the PIN number and processing time will have remained.

How to enable Contactless Axis Bank Credit card?

First, visit the official website of axis bank and navigate to the login screen.

In the login screen, you can use the Debit Card No, with PIN number followed by Captcha. You can also use the LoginID and mPIN to log in to the website.

On the next page, you need to enter the OTP. You will receive the OTP to your mobile number which is linked with your savings bank account.

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In the dashboard, you can see the basic details of the account like Account Holder namer and saving bank account.

Now go to Accounts > My Credit Cards under Cards Section.

You will be able to see all the credit card which is linked with your saving bank account. Below, there is a drop-down named More Services. Select Manage Usage and click on Go.

In the Manage Usage, under the Domestic section make Contactless usage as On and enter the limit. Same as earlier, there is International Section you can change there as well.

Once you have done with the changes click on Process and you will receive NetSecure Code to your mobile number. Enter the code in the text box and click on confirm. You will receive the confirmation message on the screen.

Detailed explanation will be available in this video have a look.

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