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Complete guide on Zerodha Poa Form Filling? Using Adobe Reader

How to fill a POA FORM Zerodha
How to fill a POA FORM Zerodha

Hello Readers.

Welcome back. In this article, Complete guide on Zerodha Poa Form Filling? Using Adobe Reader.A complete step-by-step explanation has been given in the article.

Why is it important to submit a POA Form?

If you are using a Zerodha Demat Account and if you have opened an account online then you will not submit any POA Form.

Without POA Form if you want to sell any stocks then you need to Authorize holding stocks using TPIN and OTP, without that you cannot sell your stocks.

Personally, I am a Swing Trader and the GTT feature from Zerodha is very helpful for me. To use this feature called GTT you have to submit a POA Form.

In the GTT feature, you can set the Target and Stop loss so whenever that particular price gets hit then that stock automatically gets sold.

If you don’t submit a POA Form then if price triggers also the stocks won’t get sold.

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What is a POA Form?

It is nothing but Power Of Attorney or basically, we are giving the rights to Zerodha to sell the stocks whenever the price gets triggered. It doesn’t mean that they will sell as they want, always the orders will be given by the User and with permission from the user they can sell the stocks from your Demat account.

If you already submitted a POA Form then you will not be able to see this icon Authorisation so you can check that in the next image.

I have already submitted the POA Form so my dashboard looks like this.

How to submit a POA Form?

Here is the POA Form from Zerodha. Download the form and you can fill the form by using Adobe reader or you can take the Print Out of the form then fill it by yourself. Click here to Download the POA FORM

Personally, I filled it using Adobe Reader and once after filling the form or you can directly post it to the Bangalore Address Click here for the Address.

I have made a dedicated video on how to fill POA Form. Please go through it completely and understand how it is done so once you submit a POA Form. Once after submitting the FORM you will get a text message after a few days, saying that the authorization is completed now you can sell these stocks. After a couple of days, the Authorization symbol will go from the dashboard. Now you can directly sell without using TPIN or OTP.


I have shared my personal experience with you. Now you go through the process by watching this Youtube Video. If you have any queries regarding this process please let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for the time.



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