Blog 1 - How to get your first Freelance Jobs and Projects in this COVID situation

In this blog, we will see How to get your first freelancing project in 2021 and I will share my personal experience of how I got my first ever freelancing project.

What is Freelancing?

In general, people will be having some good skills like photo editing, poster making, and digital marketing, etc. So as freelancer we will do the particular work for the client for some amount. It will be a one time contract between the two parties.

A freelancer with a good skill set will deliver the service or product much faster than the company. Because the company is having their own prototype such as planning, implementation and documentation etc. A freelancer will stick to his base task.

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How did I get my first Freelance project?

I was doing my last seminar of MCA ( Master of Computer Application ) Course. Before 3 years, I started to learn Photoshop, Illustration and Web Designing. Before I used to learn new skills without knowing how to earn from the same. I used to provide free service to my friends and family.

Later when I joined MCA I got to know about freelancing concepts and websites. I was good at poster designing and web designing and I was in charge of poster designing in my college during various fests and events. Soon after I joined MCA I made an Instagram account called WEB_GRAFFITI.

Finally, I got my first small freelancing work to make a poster for Instagram promotion from one local startup. I got around 150Rs per poster soon after slowly I started to raise my charges as well. Initially, It will take some amount of time to deliver the service or product. After multiple freelancing works, you will get comfortable with the work.

Later, I got a little big project for Web Designing. We made a team of 4 friends. We used to do the work together and deliver the product on time.

This journey continued and I started to get some more projects. The best part of doing freelancing is you will get a part-time earning and no need to ask for pocket money.

How much can we charge for the Freelancing work?

Initially, this will be the biggest confusion. So what I suggest is to start with a lesser cost with high-quality work.

Always remember, quality plays a very important role in freelancing because there is a lot of competition in the market. If you want to decide the price for your service then check the website called where you will get an idea of how to rate your service. You can start your Fiverr account for free and publish your GIG.

Make sure that communication is also important here, now everything will be done online or in a virtual meeting. Nicely communicate with the client and understand the requirement properly then decide the price based on the requirement.

Don’t be greedy to earn money, the start will lower the price slowly and you can increase as time passes.
Don’t forget to take the proper feedback once the work is done so you can improve yourself. If negative feedback comes, don’t get demotivated and always learn from your mistake.

Demo Work

When a client contacts you, make sure to provide some Demo work or blueprint to your client. Your older project screenshot can be shown and tell them why they need to hire you for their work.

Example: Whenever a client wants to hire me, I used to provide the previous work which has been done. I provide them with multiple screenshots or videos of the website on which I was working before. If time permits I will make an XD design for free so it will provide a better impact. If you provide such extra service or efforts the client will obviously trust you.

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Online Platform

It’s always better to start with free work for friends and local people but sometimes you may not get people around.

Here is the best trending website from which you may get your freelancing project. The website is listed below

  • Upwork

Also, you can make an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Blog as well where you can share your work. Please don’t take a screenshot or work of competitors work( if that screenshot contains any personal or confidential information ) and upload it to your profile. It is not good for the long term. You can always get inspired or motivated by other people’s work but make your own product or brand.

Personally Fiverr website is my favourite where you can make a customized GIG according to your skills and knowledge, so people will view your profile then they will contact you through chat and then they will place a GIG ( Service ) for you. I have got a freelancing project from the Fiverr website and I started my freelancing service for 5$. You must try!

Website Link:

If you want a detailed explanation about Fiverr let me know in the comment section.

How to prepare for Freelancing work?

First, you need to learn things, and then only you can earn. Make some good certification courses from any popular website like Udemy, Coursera etc. They will provide you with a detailed course with downloadable materials. Try to understand and work on all the concepts which they explain in the tutorial.

Practice and patience is the key. Give some time to learn things and do a lot of practice. If you are into programming or web development you need to work more on things, Trial and error methods will be done most of the time.

Keep connecting with the Seniors or other good freelancers through LinkedIn or any social media. Be humble and ask your doubts or queries regarding your niche or domain. Also, be active in forums and groups which are related to your niche or domain.

Alternative methods of earning with Freelancing

You can start a YouTube channel of your niche explaining things or making tutorial videos. You can also start a simple blog where you can put some good article. There you can slowly earn a good amount of money. You can try affiliate or resell the goods and products to your friends and family also you can put a link in a blog or youtube description.


Freelancing is a very fast-growing niche in this COVID 19 situation where people are living inside their home. Money is one of the very important things right now. We have the required money and freelancing can be the best alternative. It may take some time to get your first order but until then, you must keep learning and practising things. Keep motivating yourself to learn as much as possible.
Read success stories or YouTube videos now and then to get motivated and start working. Hustle is everything !!!

I hope you liked this article and please do share with your friends to make a good team and work together.
Comment down your opinion about freelancing jobs …

Thank You … Take care!!!


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