How to get your first order from Fiverr Website Freelancing in 2021

In this article, I will share my experience on the Fiverr website which I used for freelancing and also will see how you can get your first order from Fiverr as a freelancer.


Do you want to earn money with your skills?

Here we go, The Fiverr website will help you to achieve your freelancing goals. You have to publish your GIGs or services, based on your GIGs clients will contact you for the freelancing work. The website will be helpful to earn a part-time income.

How can I start?

It’s quite simple, it will not take much time to register and publish your GIGs on the Fiverr website. It will hardly take an hour to complete the entire profile.

  • Keep your Gmail ready.
  • Visit the website fiverr
  • Log in to the website with your Gmail or Facebook account.
  • Join to seller account

In the above 4 steps, you become a seller in Fiverr now you need to create gigs related to your niche or interest.

Which service do we provide?

Trust me, you may feel funnier but people will pay you money to play games with them. For example, you can make a GIG, which provides the client to play any game with you for 2 hours for 5$ etc. That’s great right.

Basically, people will play PUBG Mobile with freelancing clients and make money for playing games. When it comes to me, I am providing Poster Design or Brochure Design for 5$ to 20$ and Web Development where I will convert the XD or illustrator design to the webpage using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

The pricing will be according to your services starting from 5$ I kept for section design, initially I design 2 sections for 5$. If they want the website to be designed I go with 20$ as well.

Types of Plan Available

In Fiverr you have categories for your service into 3 types example Silver, Gold, or platinum. You would have seen a hosting website like a basic plan which gives you some basic features and next comes an economic plan which is best for the new business and next comes business plans which will be provided with all the features in it.

Same as that in Fiverr also you will get 3 types of plans, you need to decide which features will be provided with the basic plan, economic and business plans. The name to plan can be given by you as I gave hatchling plan, baby plan and business plan because it sounds good for me.

How to Rank the services / GIG?

From my personal experience, I am going to share some of the best tricks or tips to get the order as soon as possible.

Always be Online

if you are doing part-time freelancing then you can set the time for yourself. But Currently, I don’t have any job and corona is going on. I will be at the home. So I always keep one tab open in the browser which will help me to be online. Make sure to be online always which will increase the impression as well.

Use all the features effectively

I was always ignoring some of the features in Fiverr and later I updated it so that it also improved my gig and impression. The features like Frequently asked questions. This will help the user or views to solve their doubts regarding the gig.

For example, I will give a Web Designing service so In the Frequently asked section, I have written it like this.

Question: Whether this gig will provide me with a hosting service?
Answer: No, We won’t provide the hosting but will guide you to buy the hosting service and help you in hosting your website.
Question: Why do you need a Cpanel password and username?
Answer: If you want to host the coded webpage then you need to provide us with a Cpanel credential or FTP details.
Question: I am new to hosting, could you please help me?
Answer: Yes, We love to help you. Feel free to ask any questions.

In this type, you need to provide some Questions which will help them a lot. Also, it will give you better impressions.

In the requirement section, please be sure about what you want from the client or customer. Because time is money. Make sure to collect all the information at the beginning itself.

For example: If you are doing digital marketing or advertising on Instagram, feel free to ask for an Instagram credential because without those you can’t work for them. Also, make sure about security for their credential. Be responsible enough to handle their credentials.

Great Communication

As I told you in the earlier section, you will be there online all the time. The client will contact you for any reason or for any quries and make sure you respond in a nice way. Before ordering the gig client or user will communicate about the service, guide them properly as much as possible. Make sure they won’t leave your service or GIG. Communicate in a simple and humble way.

Download Fiverr App

Don’t forget to download the Fiverr app because I observed that the chat message or text you will receive faster in-app than desktop.
I always communicate or chat using the Fiverr App and it will notify me whenever new text comes from the client. Please make sure to use these features from the app.

Does Rating for GIG Matters?

Yes, it will matter or give a positive impression if you have a good rating. I have got 3.5 for my first gig because the client was not so happy with the delivered product. I was nervous because it was my first order and for convenience, I have taken 2 days for gig delivery.

In the next order, I got a full 5-star rating and my client was too happy with the delivery of the service. So It’s simple to learn from the mistake. Keep some patience and time for freelancing because it took me many days to get my first gig or order from the client.

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Fiverr Analytics

Track of the Analytics Dashboard
Click on the GIG section in the Fiverr seller portal.

In that, you can see the Impression and Click. These two are the important sections to keep track of your GIG. An impression will indicate that your gig came across from the search result and click count is when the user clicked on your gig.

I hope you got my point. So basically just explore all the possible features and try it out.

Final words

In conclusion, I want to suggest that you make sure you are good at that service in which you make a gig. Make a professional description. Always take some time to do some research about the gig. Note down the good points, do some research about Fiverr and optimization.

I hope this article helped you to gain some information about Fiverr. I hope you will start earning as soon as possible.

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Thank you.


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