A trader trades on multiple stocks. A good trader knows that to make money in the stock markets, one has to stay glued to many screens on multiple platforms to catch the desired prize or signal.

Tracking multiple stocks simultaneously is practically impossible for any trader. Unlike institutional investors, an individual trader neither have the resources nor extensive coding knowledge to create algos one day. Streak is the solution to this problem. So What is a streak? How to use Zerodha streak? Let’s find out the answers to these questions in this article.

What is Streak Algo trading?

Streak is a platform that allows you to create, backtest and deploy your trading algorithms live in the market. With streak, you can create algos with just a few clicks without coding. You can backtest these algorithms and check their performance metrics. You can also deploy these algorithms live in the market.

It is a platform where a trader could use his strategies to write algos (algorithms) in English without entering a single line of code or purchasing expensive software. In three simple steps, a trader could do everything he ever wanted to. A trader could create trading algos in just a few clicks. He could Backtest and measure algos performance on historical market data. Moreover, a trader could deploy these algos and get automated market alerts on over 50 stocks at a time. Now with the streak, any trader can sit back relax and let his algos do all the work for him at the lightning speed.

The latest version of the streak is 3.0. Streak can be used in a browser as well as you can download the app on your mobile. There will be options to choose your broker. So we have chosen Zerodha as a broker and now let’s see How to use Zerodha streak?

How to use Zerodha streak?

Firstly, we need to create a strategy. Strategy is created by adding few stocks to the wallet. Then add Quantity, Stop loss, Target profit, Candle interval, etc. You can also modify the start date and stop date. Save the strategy before you run backtest. So with this, you have successfully created the algo strategy. 

Secondly, run backtest. Backtest is a process that runs the algo on relevant historical data. Before you risk any actual capital. Its purpose is to analyze the risk and profitability levels.

Finally, After creating the algo and backtesting it. You can go ahead and deploy it live in the market. When the entry condition has been met the algo will alert us to take the necessary action. There are two types of deployment. Paper trading and Live trading.

This is all about How to use Zerodha streak? If you want to learn more about streak then check out this amazing video. 

Is Zerodha Streak Free?

The streak platform can be used free for 7 days as a trial. After the trial period, if you want to continue then you have to select the Zerodha streak subscription plan. During the trial period, one can avail following services. 

  • 50 backtest per day
  • 50 scans per day
  • 5 live deployments at a time.

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What are the Zerodha streak subscription plans?

Basically, there are three plans. They are as follows:

Basic Plan

Premium Plan

Ultimate Plan

Basic Plan

  • The monthly subscription of the basic plan is 500+GST. Under this, you will get the basic services such as 5 Entry and Exit conditions, 200 backtest per day, 5 live strategies at a time, and 100 scans per day.

Premium Plan

  • The monthly subscription of the Premium plan is 900+GST. Under this, you will get the premium services such as 7 Entry and Exit conditions, 500 backtest per day, 50 live strategies at a time, and unlimited scans per day.

Ultimate Plan

  • The monthly subscription of the Ultimate plan is 1400+GST. Under this, you will get the ultimate services such as 10 Entry and Exit conditions, 1000 backtest per day, 100 live strategies at a time, unlimited scans per day, and much more.

Note that, here we have mentioned only the monthly subscription. Streak platform also provides 3 months, 6 months, and yearly subscription plans.

So this is the information about Zerodha streak charges or subscriptions.

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What is Zerodha streak strategy?

Zerodha streak strategy is nothing but the strategies created by the user. During the creation of the algo we will fill up all the required fields and we’ll name the strategy. This is saved under the My Strategies section. Under this section, you can find all your strategies. You can modify the strategy anytime. 


Therefore for the trader, who wants to manage multiple trades simultaneously can use the streak trading platform. Streak platform is simple and anyone can understand it easily. Streak platform is completely cloud-based. So you can access this while you’re traveling, at home, or in the office, this will work anywhere. Streak has joined hands with Zerodha, Angle broking, 5 paisa, and other popular brokering platforms. This encourages many traders to use streak.

So I hope this article “How to use Zerodha streak?-Streak Algo Trade” gave you insight into the Streak trading platform and how it works.

Happy trading!!


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