List of 4 Stocks to Buy for a swing trade: Swing Trading | Muhurat trading 2021


Swing Trading is a trading style where you are trying to capture short to medium-term gains from the market. Here we are predicting the short movement or raid the profit until it hits Target and Trailing stop loss. You can hold on to it between 5 Days to 3 Weeks (Personal Method).

Here we are using breakouts and momentum strategies to capture the movement.

Disclaimer: This is my personal watchlist and sharing it for educational purposes. You can again go through your analysis and take your decision. We are not responsible for the profits and losses you are making.

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Bank of Baroda Ltd (BANKBARODA):

  • Section: Public Banks
  • Current Market Price: Rs. 102.30
  • PE Ratio: 33.10
  • Sector PE: 28.76
  • Capital: Largecap (₹51222 cr)


  • Section: Consumer Discretionary
  • Current Market Price: Rs. 779.95
  • PE Ratio: -81.73
  • Sector PE: 7.53
  • Capital: Smallcap (₹4608 cr)

Dalmia Bharat Ltd (DALBHARAT)

  • Section: Materials
  • Current Market Price: Rs. 2018.40
  • PE Ratio: 30.65
  • Sector PE: 24.59
  • Capital: Midcap (₹37731 cr)

JSL Industries Ltd (JSL)

  • Section: Capital Goods
  • Current Market Price: Rs. 203.20
  • PE Ratio: 9.86
  • Sector PE: -1.93
  • Capital: Smallcap (₹23 cr)


I have my open position in all of the above stocks and keep it for days until bearish signals appear. Try to understand the market and support and resistance then choose your own stocks. The market will give great opportunities for all.

Thank You for your time. Happy Trading!


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