Stock Market Analysis by Trend Trader KARAN Ep-36 | Swing Trading


Swing Trading is a trading style where you are trying to capture short to medium-term gains from the market.

The Stock Market Analysis by TREND TRADER KARAN. The video is available on YouTube and the link is given below. It is ahead analysis by Karan sir. The probability stocks gave good momentum in the coming week.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and information purposes only.

Aarti Industries Ltd – AARTIIND

Wait for the breakout to happen then you can enter the stock with strict stop loss.

  • Chart Duration: 2H
  • Section: Materials
  • Current Market Price: Rs. 975.90
  • PE Ratio: 67.58
  • Sector PE: 24.77
  • Capital: Midcap (₹35,376 cr)

Berger Paints India Ltd – BERGEPAINT

  • Chart Duration: 1H
  • Section: Materials
  • Current Market Price: Rs. 762.50
  • PE Ratio: 102.90
  • Sector PE: 24.77
  • Capital: Largecap (₹74,061 cr)

Affle (India) Ltd – AFFLE

  • Chart Duration: 1H
  • Section: Communication Services
  • Current Market Price: Rs.1,083.95
  • PE Ratio: 107.15
  • Sector PE: -24.12
  • Capital: Smallcap (₹14,443 cr)

V I P Industries Ltd – VIPIND

  • Chart Duration: 1H
  • Section: Consumer Discretionary
  • Current Market Price: Rs.550.05
  • PE Ratio: -79.80
  • Sector PE: -455.56
  • Capital: Smallcap (₹7,779 cr)

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd – LTI

  • Chart Duration: 1H
  • Section: Information Technology
  • Current Market Price: Rs. 6,613.20
  • PE Ratio: 59.85
  • Sector PE: 38.88
  • Capital: Largecap (₹1,15,878 cr)


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