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Apoorva Sharma is the owner of the Instagram account The Shades of trades. The full-time trader and mentor. She will provide various trading tutorials and help people to level up in the stock market with her guidance and experience.

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Top 5 Sasys

While trading, whenever you are confused like it’s getting too much to absorb, close your eyes for 7-minutes straight, zone out, clear your head. You will see yourself getting back with a bang on decision & solution.

You need to be completely sure of anything as a trader. You just need to keep the required amount of odds in your favour.

Markets seem to be needing extra care. More Understanding and less prediction.

Let’s price dance around a level, because the more time it spends dancing, the happier and faster the future price move gets.

Develop self-control, because you surely can’t control the market.

Understand a Stop loss.

Understanding stop loss is not just necessary to reduce losses but to comprehend trading as a process & not as an easy way out.
Stoploss is not just your defence, it’s your Brahmastra here in the stock market.
Stoploss prevents you from a disaster you can never predict because when you are out there in the market alone, you need a system to rely on, a system that can tell you when to stop!!!
Howsoever tenses you might be about booking a loss, having a stop loss in the system will help with the fear. You need to absolutely clear with your risk.
Stop with the attitude of “let’s see what happens” and build a habit of keeping things under control.
That’s the only way to succeed here.

Believe in trading as a career. The people who say otherwise are the ones who never understood it.

You don’t need an extraordinary day to make big money in the stock market. It’s always those usual routine days that end up being remarkable.

Some days are not just your kind of trading days. So just stay away. Your foremost goal is to protect your capital.

It’s very common for new traders to think like there’s some holy grail strategy they don’t know about and they spend years waiting to find that until they realise it’s just a mind game.


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Here we conclude by wishing you happy trading or investing and wish your dreams come true. Be consistent and keep learning. Hustle is everything.

Thank you for your time.


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