A stock exchange is a stock market where the buying and selling of stocks take place. We have a total of sixteen stock exchanges in the whole world. So here are the Top 10 Best Stock Market In The World 2021.

New York Stock Exchange NYSE

The New York Stock Exchange takes the crown as the largest stock market in the world by a huge margin with a market cap of 24 trillion US dollars established in 1792. However after the American Revolution, it is the first stock exchange in the continent of North America. It lists over 2,400 companies which consist of the world’s top companies such as Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney Company, McDonald’s corporation, etc.

NYSE did not become the largest stock exchange by accident. But its growth can be attributed to back-to-back mergers which helped it grow into its current colossal size.

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Nasdaq, United States 

The Nasdaq Stock Exchange is an American Stock Market based in New York. It was found in the year 1971 and is known as the World’s first electronically traded stock market. The Nasdaq stock market is widely regarded as the center for technology companies. Because large tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Intel are listed on Nasdaq. Meanwhile these companies are only a few of the impressive companies that are listed on the exchange. In other words, Nasdaq lists 3,300 companies and has a market cap of 19 trillion US dollars. 

It has a greater trade volume than any other US stock exchange with over 1.8 billion trades per day. Most of its equities comprise of the tech companies we mentioned earlier.

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Shanghai Stock Exchange SSE 

The Shanghai Stock Exchange is situated in the city of Shanghai. It is one of the only two independent stock exchanges operating in Mainland China. Although it was originally established in 1866 it was suspended due to the Chinese Revolution in 1949 and its modern foundation was laid in 1990. This stock exchange is really hard to get into and is not entirely open to foreign investors. Because it’s often affected by the decisions of the Chinese government. 

As of January 2021, the stock exchange has 1860 listings and has a market cap of 6.5 trillion US dollars. Therefore the reason that sets this stock market apart from all other markets is that the absolute market cap of SSE is constructed out of formerly state insurance companies and commercial banks.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange SEHK

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange was established in 1891 and is situated in the central district of Hong Kong. This stock exchange has over 2,538 listing companies and almost 50% of the listed companies are located in Mainland China. This stock exchange has transformed itself into a modern fully automated and digital trading platform from physical trading.

Several famous companies are listed on this exchange. As of January 2021, the market cap is an eye-watering 6.48 trillion US dollars. It surpassed the Chicago-based CME at the end of 2020 in terms of market capitalization. Also it is the fastest-growing stock exchange in Asia. This stock exchange is owned by a different holding company called Hong Kong exchanges and clearing limited. 

Japanese Exchange Group JPX 

The Japanese Exchange Group was founded on 1 January 2013. It is located in the heart of the country Tokyo. It operates multiple securities exchanges such as the Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE and the Osaka Securities Exchange OSE. But JPX was originally formed by the merging of these two exchanges.

The merging was approved by the Japanese fair trade commission with almost 3,500 listed companies. JPX has a market cap of 6.35 trillion as of January 2021. The JPX benchmark index is Nikkei 225 which includes some of the most recognizable and impressive Japanese companies such as Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Sony.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is based in the city of Shenzhen China. SZSE is one of the only two independent stock exchanges operating in Mainland China the other being the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It was established in 1991 and due to the secretive nature of the country, a lot of details are unknown to the outside world. Unless you’re either Chinese or a registered trader on the exchange. 

As of January 2021, the SZSE has about 2,375 listed companies. It has a market cap of 4.9 trillion dollars. The only companies listed on the exchange are those companies that are in the controlling interests of the government of China. This is one of the important Top 10 Best Stock Market In The World 2021.

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Euronext Stock Exchange 

Euronext Stock Exchange is short for European new exchange technology. It is the largest stock exchange market in all of Europe. Euronext is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands established in 2000. Euronext is a pan-European stock exchange with a presence in countries such as France, Belgium, Ireland, and Portugal.

This large exchange has a market cap of a whopping 4.8 trillion dollars as of January 2021. As a result, more than 1,500 companies have been listed on the exchange so far. 

Over the years the exchange has emerged with several other exchanges. However the most notable one being the New York Stock Exchange. This exchange steers the financial markets in Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Lisbon, Oslo, and many other cities. The financial instruments included in this exchange are equities, warrants, exchange trading, bonds, commodities, funds and certificates, derivatives, indices, and foreign exchange trading platforms.

London Stock Exchange LSE

Established in 1801, the London Stock Exchange is the oldest in the world. It has an interesting history. Moreover it has overcome many financial and economic hurdles throughout its existence. It remained as the largest stock exchange in the world till the end of world war I. It’s currently part of the London Stock Exchange Group also known as the LSEG. The London Stock Exchange Group was created back in October of 2007 when the London Stock Exchange merged with the Milan Stock Exchange Borsa Italiana with over 3,000 listed companies.

It has a market cap of 3.6 trillion dollars as of January 2021. It is the main source for the benchmark prices, equity market liquidity, and market data in all of Europe.

National Stock Exchange NSE

The National Stock Exchange is situated in Mumbai, India. It’s the leading government-owned stock exchange in India and was established in 1992 as the first dematerialized stock exchange in the country. The NSE was the first stock exchange in the entire country to provide a modernized fully automated screen-based trading system. It offered investors all over the country to trade more easily and efficiently. 

The NSE has a market cap of 2.57 trillion dollars as of January 2021. It has taken a significant hit during last year however it has been on a steady climb since the beginning of 2021. The NSE has 1,952 listed companies and its flagship index the nifty 50. A 50 stock index is used by investors across the country as a barometer of the Indian Capital Market.

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Toronto Stock Exchange TSX

Toronto Stock Exchange is situated in Toronto Ontario, Canada established in 1852. It is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. It is currently one of the most popular stock markets around owned and run by the TSX group. TSE is the ninth largest stock exchange in the world. With 2,231 companies listed on the exchange as of November 2019. 

The market capitalization of the exchange has been steadily increasing but took a minor hit during the 2020 pandemic. It has recorded the slowest growth in recent years. As of September 2020, the market cap of TSE is 2.5 trillion dollars and has a volume of 39.7 billion shares.

The financial tools include equities, investment trusts, exchange-traded funds, bonds, commodities, futures, options, and other products. The most important part about this exchange is that mining oil and gas companies are listed in more numbers in the Toronto Stock Exchange compared to other stock exchanges around the world. These are the Top 10 Best Stock Market In The World 2021.


Finally, before jumping into the world of trading, one must do his research. Knowing about the stock exchange helps to understand the market even better. So these are the top 10 stock exchanges in the world. Therefore I hope this article Top 10 Best Stock Market In The World 2021 gave you an idea about the best stock markets in the world.

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