Top 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas 2021


There is no way to make money without doing anything at all. But when we talk about passive income, it is the money that is not directly tied to our time. So for example if you write and publish the book. Now anytime the book sells, you make money from royalties, this is called passive income. You could be making money while you sleep because you’ve created this thing, which is out in the world, which is generating income for you. Therefore let’s talk about the Top 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas 2021 that you could provide value to your money. This article will also offer an idea for the Beginner about passive income.

1. Investing In Stocks And Shares.

The method that we give value is by offering up our money. Giving money and financing in service is in a way provide a form of value. Hence, when we give our money to a company in the form of buying their stocks, it makes sense that we would get some kind of return for that investment. We are beginning with this because investing in stocks is the easiest way to make any kind of passive income. 

If you have any sorts of savings and they have been invested in a savings account, earning 0.01% interest. Then they are not doing very much for you. At the same time, if you had those savings and put them in stocks. You could potentially be earning passive income from the money that’s otherwise just lying there. There are different sources of passive income that demand higher degrees of maintenance over time. But stocks and shares are an easy way to make passive income. So this is one of the smart passive income ideas. 

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2. Start a YouTube Channel.

It’s very simple to start a YouTube channel. You just go on You click to create a channel and you can upload videos by just shooting with your phone and uploading it. Actually, it’s a lot difficult to create good videos, and doing good videos is how you grow on YouTube. But setting off on YouTube is very simple. 

The real question is how difficult is it to make real money from YouTube? To be eligible for monetization on YouTube, you need 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. And if we look at the averages, it takes on average 90 videos to get to 1,000 subscribers. So that’s quite hard if you’re thinking you’re going to start a YouTube channel and start making money from day one. It’s very easy to start off, but it’s tough to do well. It’s worth starting, it’s a great skill set and fun. You get to reach people over the internet. You get to discover how to talk to a camera and how to film and video edit. It’s wonderful but it’s very hard to make money from YouTube. 

Finally, in terms of effort to maintain. Getting that first thousand subscribers is a lot harder than keeping it growing. Therefore once you’ve got a thousand subscribers and once your channel is growing it indicates you’ve landed on a formula that runs. So managing it then becomes easier than starting from scratch. This will surely give you a 100% passive income.

3. Start a Podcast.

Starting a Podcast is generally easier than starting a YouTube channel. A podcast generally means uploading audio records over the internet. Although growing a podcast is a lot harder than growing a YouTube channel. Actually, many podcasts grow by owning a YouTube channel.

To start a podcast, go on and you can use your phone. You could pass your phone between you and your friends and you can begin a podcast. You can use a website called Riverside website helps to record remote podcast interviews easily. 

It’s easy to start a podcast but how hard is it to make $100 a month in passive income from a podcast? Just uploading audio as a podcast does not provide you an income. Because the method in which podcasters earn money is by relying on brand deals.  Therefore you need sponsorship or a brand deal to make any money for your podcast. This is undoubtedly one of the best passive income strategies.

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4. Become An Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate marketing means that you are marketing other people’s products but you’re getting a percentage of the sales from those products. Now, 48% of affiliate marketers globally earn $20,000 a year which is $1,660 a month, which is not bad at all. People are doing very great with affiliate marketing overall. You can register for an affiliate program like Amazon Associates. So Amazon has its affiliate program. Then once you have your personal special links, you can post those on your website or social media platforms. If people buy the product through your link or buy any product on Amazon through your link you’ll get some percentage of the sales. Hence it’s pretty easy to kick start with affiliate marketing. 

Generally, doing well in affiliate marketing demands loads of upfront effort in terms of either making an audience or building a professional domain in whatever space you’re in, that you’re sort of organically getting traffic. This can surely be a passive income idea for students. They can try their hands on affiliate marketing. 

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5. Selling Digital Products.

Now, these are outputs that you create once, like an ebook or stickers, or an app. So you produce it once and then you can sell it various times because selling digital products doesn’t normally have any costs connected with it. One good example is this guy called Traf, who made an iOS 14 icon set and sold it for like $30 a pop, a few months ago and ended up making around $300,000 in the course of like a few weeks. Therefore he set the effort into designing the pack and now he’s selling it for lots of money. 

So how difficult is it to lunch digital products? Anyone can print an ebook, an ebook counts as a digital product. So the thing that you’re selling has to be providing enough value to compensate, to make up for the price that you’re selling it for. And that’s usually quite hard, particularly if you don’t have any knowledge in this sort of area. It’s easy to make $100 a month. You just genuinely have to have something that solves the main point that other people are willing to pay for. This is the last in the list of Top 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas 2021.

Top 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas 2021

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Especially in the age of the internet, there are hundreds or thousands of ways to create passive income. You might not be able to implement all of them, but you can try at least one. Out of so many passive income ideas, we have filtered the Top 5 Easy Passive Income Ideas 2021 which are some of the best examples of passive income. It’s about growth and contribution this is what makes you happy. Strive for excellence, strive to create maximum income, and provide quality work. This will lead to the success path of passive income.

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