It’s very attractive to see the Profits of people who make a lot of money from the Stock market. On Instagram or Youtube, there are many videos that provide you with Laks of Profits in Intraday or Swing Trading.

Even I was fascinated about stock training before a year and consistent learning technical analysis and phycology behind training.

Now in this article, will see the advantage of starting the trading journey early as possible.

There is no right time to invest or start learning about trading. So it’s now the perfect time to start.

Freedom of Location

You can trade anywhere if you have the ability to focus on charts and analyst the same. Everything comes with great practice so let’s start practising the things. You would have seen people trading in hotels or in coffee shops using their iPad or laptops. This is the advantage of full-time trading.

I am currently working in an IT company where I work from morning 9 am tonight 9 pm. This is the reality and in work, from home, there is no time limit and soo much work to do. But the good part is I have made my capital for trading from my job itself. I am in the process of learning and sharing my experience.

No Degree Needed

The stock market will never ask you for your degree or certification but you must have good learning or knowledge before getting into it. Degree and knowledge are two different things I hope you got my point. So start learning as much as possible.

Unlimited earning and losses as well

Everyone will enter into the market to make a huge profit and make life good. We all want to have financial freedom in our life but only a few can make it. So focus on the Risk reward ratio and try to preserve the capital.


Trading is one of the solutions for financial freedom and considers it as a full-time business. You have to learn first before making any kind of business. We all will be great traders in your life. Don’t stop at any movement and start the hustle.

Thank you.


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